No time to bottle? Like to try some different brews?   

Grab a mixed six pack from the Twilight Markets 2nd Friday of the Month at Blue Water Quay.  

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Check the shareboards below for what’s brewing this week.

Brew Name
Shares Available
35Easy OldDark2
73Eric Begs Mid StrengthMid1
93Mexicana MidMid4
182GF Tokyo Super DryGF1
201GF King MidGF3
205GF MexicanaGF6
212Tall StoriesAust. Premium2
215Italian StallionImported2

Brew Name
Shares Available
0Priority to advance bookingsPriority to advance bookings
6MexicanaForeign AffairAvailable
33Mackay LagerPremiumAvailable
51Mt Canada PilsnerImportedAvailable
62Pine Lime CiderPaddockAvailable
62Rosella Cider PaddockAvailable
65Tokyo Super DryImportedAvailable
67Goanna Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
75Four Men GoldLightAvailable
113Spider WebHigh & MightyAvailable
157Little Animals Pale AlePale AleAvailable
170Non-alc Ginger BeerPaddockOUT OF STOCK
210Pacific AlePale AleAvailable
211Summer Goanna PremiumAvailable
217Lashes Pale AlePale AleAvailable
222Settlers Pale AlePale AleAvailable

Brew Name
Ready Date
Shares Available
61Knight's FirstDarkComing Soon6
96Canadian Creamy AleImportedComing Soon2
212Tall StoriesAust. PremiumComing Soon6
Brew Name
14Devil LagerAust. Premium
22Striped PilsnerImported
32Knonnies LagerImported
33Mackay LagerAust. Premium
51Mount Canada PilsnerImported
62Local Seasonal CiderLocal Produce
65Tokyo Super DryImported
67Goanna Ginger BeerLocal Produce
69Joags PremiumAust. Premium
75Four Men GoldMid
100Speciality AleImported
103Dark Wheat DunkelDark
113Spider WebHIgh
138Belgium CloudyImported
157Little Animals Pale AlePale Ale
157Little Animals Pale AlePale Ale
163Mills ChillsImported
201GF King MidGF
210Pacific AlePale Ale
211Summer Goanna Aust. Premium
215Italian StallionImported
217Lashes Pale AlePale Ale
222Settlers Pale AlePale Ale

JuneThursday, 20 Mackay Show HolidayCLOSED
OctoberFriday, 4 Closing Early10:00am5:00 pm
OctoberSaturday, 5 Queens B'day WeekendCLOSED
OctoberSunday, 6 Queens B'day WeekendCLOSED
OctoberMonday, 7 Queens B'day WeekendCLOSED
NovemberTuesday, 5 Melbourne Cup Day10:00am11:00am