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Brew Name
34Mackay Lager CrispAust. Premium2
81United Bay MIldAussie Classic4
131Island IPADark6
142Boston's BestImported6
190GF Munich PilsGF2
226Gone Surfing Pale Ale4
229GPA Pale Ale4

Brew Name
6MexicanaForeign AffairAvailable
33Mackay LagerPremiumAvailable
62Pineapple and Lime CiderPaddockAvailable
65Tokyo Super DryImportedAvailable
67Goanna Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
69Joags Premium PremiumAvailable
75Four Men GoldLightAvailable
113Spider WebHigh & MightyAvailable
146Session IPAExclusiveAvailable
170Non-alc Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
210Pacific AlePale AleAvailable
211Summer Goanna PremiumAvailable
214CleanSkin LagerPremiumAvailable
217Lashes Pale AlePale AleAvailable
222Settlers Pale AlePale AleAvailable


Brew Name
Ready Date
4Buddies LagerImportedComing Soon6
5MCG BitterAussie ClassicComing Soon6
12Whitsunday DraughtAussie ClassicComing Soon6
18Big Bird BitterAussie ClassicComing Soon6
26Canadian Brown AleDarkComing Soon6
34Mackay Lager CrispAust. PremiumReady Now2
45Straight Ale BrownComing Soon6
70Joags DraughtAust. PremiumReady Now6
77Easy BlueMidComing Soon6
82Billabong Bay BitterMidComing Soon6
86Eagle MidMidComing Soon6
88Premium MidMidComing Soon6
96Canadian Creamy AleImportedComing Soon6
97Canadian Creamy PorterDarkComing Soon6
103Dark Wheat DunkelDarkComing Soon6
116Spring PilsnerImportedComing Soon4
117Begs to DifferImportedComing Soon6
125Belgian DoubleHIghComing Soon6
129Expresso StoutDarkComing Soon6
163Mills ChillsMidComing Soon6
167Belgium Cloudy WheatImportedComing Soon6
204GF Bud MidGFComing Soon6
207GF Apple CiderGFComing Soon6
226Gone Surfing Pale AleReady Now6
228Wipe Out XPAPale AleComing Soon6
Brew Name
Ready Date
Shares Available

ANovFriday, 20 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00pm
ANovSaturday, 21 Usual Hrs9:00am2:00pm
ANovSunday, 22 Rest Day
ANovMonday, 23 Rest Day
ANovTuesday, 24 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00pm
ANovWednesday, 25 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00pm
ANovThursday, 26 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00pm
ANovFriday, 27 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00pm
ANovSaturday, 28 Usual Hrs9:00am2:00pm
ANovSunday, 29 Rest Day
ANovMonday, 30 Rest Day
ADecTuesday, 1 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00pm
ADecWednesday, 2 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00pm
ADecThursday, 3 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00pm
ADecFriday, 4 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00pm
ADecSaturday, 5 Usual Hrs9:00am2:00pm