Beer. It always seems like such a good idea at the time, doesn’t it? What’s worse is beer seems like an even better idea after you’ve had some beer.

Quote: Steven Hall, Author.

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Brew Name
Shares Available
57North Brown AleDark Side4
83USA MidLight Hearted4
125Belgian DoubleHigh & Mighty5
166Old Spotted HenDark Side1
183GF Tokyo DryGF2
201GF King MidGF2
212Tall StoriesPale Ale1
215Italian StallionImported1

Brew Name
Shares Available
0Priority to advance bookingsPriority to advance bookings
6MexicanaForeign AffairAvailable
33Mackay LagerPremiumAvailable
51Mt Canada PilsnerImportedAvailable
62Apple Passionfruit CiderPaddockAvailable
65Tokyo Super DryImportedAvailable
67Goanna Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
75Four Men GoldLightAvailable
113Spider WebHigh & MightyAvailable
157Little Animals Pale AlePale AleAvailable
170Non-alc Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
210Pacific AlePale AleAvailable
211Summer Goanna PremiumAvailable
217Lashes Pale AlePale AleAvailable
222Settlers Pale AlePale AleAvailable

Brew Name
6MexicanaForeign Affair
29PremiumAust. Premium
33Mackay LagerPremium
37Who Kill Kenny DraftDark Side
38Hiking PilsnerForeign Affair
43Redtail AleAust. Premium
62Local Seasonal CiderPaddock
62Local Seasonal CiderPaddock
65Tokyo Super DryImported
67Goanna Ginger BeerPaddock
75Four Men GoldMid
96Canadian Creamy AleImported
99French AleHigh & Mighty
113Spider WebHigh & Mighty
120Raj IPADark
127Old St Nick'sHigh & Mighty
131Island IPADark Side
157Little Animals Pale AlePale Ale
170Non-alc Ginger BeerGinger Beer
210Pacific AlePale Ale
211Summer Goanna Premium
212Tall StoriesPale Ale
217Lashes Pale AlePale Ale
222Settlers Pale AlePale Ale
Brew Name
Ready Date
Shares Available
9Irish Lager01/03/20194
9Irish LagerComing Soon6
37Who Kill Kenny Draft01/03/20195
Brew Name
Ready Date
Shares Available
36Easy DryAussie Classic20/02/20192
95Ellas LagerForeign AffairComing Soon5
140Squatters AlePale Ale20/02/20194
148Scottish AleHighComing Soon4
173GF Irish LagerGluten FreeComing Soon6

AprilFriday, 19 Good FridayCLOSED
AprilSaturday, 20 Easter SaturdayCLOSED
AprilSunday, 21 Easter SundayCLOSED
AprilMonday, 22 Easter MondayCLOSED
AprilTuesday, 23 Usual Trading Hours10:00am5:00 pm
AprilWednesday, 24 Usual Trading Hours10:00am5:00 pm
AprilThursday, 25 ANZAC DAYCLOSED
AprilFriday, 26 Closing Early10:00am5:00 pm
AprilSaturday, 27 ANZAC DAY WeekendCLOSED
AprilSunday, 28 ANZAC DAY WeekendCLOSED
AprilMonday, 29 ANZAC DAY WeekendCLOSED
AprilTuesday, 30 Usual Trading Hours10:00am5:00 pm
MayWednesday, 1 Usual Trading Hours10:00am5:00 pm
MayThursday, 2 Usual Trading Hours10:00am6:00 pm
MayFriday, 3 Closing Early10:00am5:00 pm
MaySaturday, 4 Labour Day WeekendCLOSED
MaySunday, 5 Labour Day WeekendCLOSED
MayMonday, 6 Labour Day WeekendCLOSED
MayTuesday, 7 Usual Trading Hours10:00am5:00 pm
OctoberFriday, 4 Closing Early10:00am5:00 pm
OctoberSaturday, 5 Queens B'day WeekendCLOSED
OctoberSunday, 6 Queens B'day WeekendCLOSED
OctoberMonday, 7 Queens B'day WeekendCLOSED
NovemberTuesday, 5 Melbourne Cup Day10:00am11:00am
DecemberWednesday, 6
DecemberThursday, 7


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