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Check the shareboards below for what’s brewing this week.

Brew Name
Shares Available
19Kiwi LagerImported2
57North Brown AleDark1
68McCaff’s AleDark3
88Premium MidMid5
140Squatters AlePale Ale6
142Boston's BestImported6
182GF Tokyo Super DryGF3

Brew Name
214NEW CleanSkin LagerPremiumAvailable
146NEW Session IPAExclusiveTemp Out of Stock
69Joags PremiumPremiumAvailable
6MexicanaForeign AffairAvailable
33Mackay LagerPremiumAvailable
51Mt Canada PilsnerImported10% OFF Last Chance
62Strawberry CiderPaddockAvailable
65Tokyo Super DryImportedAvailable
67Goanna Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
75Four Men GoldLightAvailable
113Spider WebHigh & MightyAvailable
157Little Animals Pale Ale Pale AleAvailable
170Non-alc Ginger BeerPaddockAvailable
210Pacific AlePale AleAvailable
211Summer Goanna PremiumAvailable
217Lashes Pale AlePale AleAvailable
222Settlers Pale AlePale AleAvailable

Brew Name
Ready Date
Shares Available
14Devil LagerAust. PremiumComing Soon4
38Hiking PilsnerImportedComing Soon4
90Devil MidMidComing Soon4
97Canadian Creamy PorterDarkComing Soon4

DecemberTuesday, 17 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00 pm
DecemberWednesday, 18 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00 pm
DecemberThursday, 19 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00 pm
DecemberFriday, 20 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00 pm
DecemberSaturday, 21 Usual Hrs9:00 am2:00 pm
DecemberSunday, 22 CLOSED
DecemberMonday, 23 CLOSED
DecemberTuesday, 24 Morning Only9:00am12:00pm
DecemberWednesday, 25 Christmas DayCLOSED
DecemberThursday, 26 Boxing DayCLOSED
DecemberFriday, 27 Afternoon Only2:00pm5:00am
DecemberSaturday, 28 Morning Only9:00am12:00pm
DecemberSunday, 29 CLOSED
DecemberMonday, 30 CLOSED
DecemberTuesday, 31 New Years Eve9:00am12:00pm
JanuaryWednesday, 1 New Years DayCLOSED
JanuaryThursday, 2 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm5:00pm
JanuaryFriday, 3 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm5:00pm
JanuarySaturday, 4 Summer Trading Hours9:00am1:00pm
JanuarySunday, 5 CLOSED
JanuaryMonday, 6 CLOSED
JanuaryTuesday, 7 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm5:00pm
JanuaryWednesday, 8 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm5:00pm
JanuaryThursday, 9 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm6:00pm
JanuaryFriday, 10 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm6:00pm
JanuarySaturday, 11 Summer Trading Hours9:00am1:00pm
JanuarySunday, 12 CLOSED
JanuaryMonday, 13 CLOSED
JanuaryTuesday, 14 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm5:00pm
JanuaryWednesday, 15 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm5:00pm
JanuaryThursday, 16 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm6:00pm
JanuaryFriday, 17 Summer Trading Hours12:00pm6:00pm
JanuarySaturday, 18 Summer Trading Hours9:00am1:00pm
JanuarySunday, 19 CLOSED
JanuaryMonday, 20 CLOSED
JanuaryTuesday, 21 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00 pm
JanuaryWednesday, 22 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00 pm
JanuaryThursday, 23 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00 pm
JanuaryFriday, 24 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00 pm
JanuarySaturday, 25 Australia Day WeekendCLOSEDCLOSED
JanuarySunday, 26 CLOSED
JanuaryMonday, 27 CLOSED
JanuaryTuesday, 28 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00 pm
JanuaryWednesday, 29 Usual Hrs10:00am5:00 pm
JanuaryThursday, 30 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00 pm
JanuaryFriday, 31 Usual Hrs10:00am6:00 pm