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How To Goanna

How To Goanna

This is how it works…..

The concept is simple, produce quality locally brewed beer, without all the preservatives and additives, fresh for the Mackay public. Craft, Bright Beer from Brewery to you!

Goanna Brewing Mackay - How it works

1. Book a Brew from the Shareboard

The Shareboard allows our members to share in full brews.  Take home a carton or more, rather than a full six carton brew. Use the booking form on the shareboard page.


2. Bottle or Keg your beer

You can BYO your own bottles (to bottle your beer) or kegs….. or purchase a start-up kit from us, it’s totally up to you.

Need bottles?

or a keg?


3. Bring an Esky, box or crate

Bring a container to take your bottles home….. or purchase a box from us, it’s totally up to you.

4. Become a Member

By becoming a member at Goanna Brewing, you will unlock the potential to bottle the best brews known to man. Join instore or online.


5. Join in the Brewing Process

Ask our staff how you can get involved in the brewing process of your beer.

6. Enjoy….

This is the best part of the process…. Enjoy at home or, share a cold one with your mates, just don’t keep the secret to yourself!

7. Repeat….

Let’s do it all over again and maybe try something new?