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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my own bottles?

Yes, they must be spotlessly clean. It’s quicker and easier if they are all the same height with neck labels removed.

Can I use twist top bottles?

Goanna Brewing sell crown seal bottles.  We cannot guarantee the seal on a twist top.

Do I have to bring my own caps?

No, caps and capping machine are provided on the bottling tables for your use.

How do I wash my bottles?

After each session, wash your bottles ou it very hot water, 2-3 times until all beer residue is removed.  Dry them upside down.

Can I wash my bottles in the dishwasher?

It’s your choice. Dishwashers have soap residue, even on rinse cycle.  Soap makes beer go flat.  Rinse bottles in plain water afterwards.


Can I hire kegs?

Yes, you can hire kegs and keg fridges for the weekend.  See Keg Hire for options.

Are kegs on a swap and go system?

No, we fill YOUR kegs with YOUR beer.  Need kegs?  Check out our online shop for  KEGGING options.

What are the terms and conditions of purchase for kegging items, including kegerators?

All gear supplied by Goanna Brewing must be tested thoroughly before use and maintained correctly over time.  Goanna Brewing is not responsible for lost beer, beverages, liquid, gas or other consumables caused from leaks or faulty items.

It is the job of the installer to thoroughly check hose joins, taps, seals, chillers and all other corresponding gear before leaving the system under pressure.  All beer systems require maintenance and require periodic seal replacements etc.  It is the users ongoing role to make sure all fittings and fixtures are working correctly and maintain a good seal.  If these checks have not been done then “DO NOT LEAVE” the system under pressure.

Faulty products or products not as described?

Returns in The First 7 Days
If a fault in the product has been identified within 7 days of receiving the goods the customer will be given the option to return to Goanna Brewing for full refund.

Sent Replacement Parts
If the issue can be resolved with replacement parts for the customer to resolve themselves, Goanna Brewing will normally offer this as an option.
Returns After 7 Days
If the fault in the product has been identified after 7 days the product will need to be returned to Goanna Brewing for assessment.  Goanna Brewing will assess the product in 2 business days and make a decision to either repair, or replace the product.
Refunds / Replacements
Refunds or replacements will only be issued once goods have been returned and received by Goanna Brewing.  We cannot refund goods/or send replacement goods until the product being refunded/replaced has been received by Goanna Brewing.

Do I have to wash my keg before bringing it in for refill?

Goanna Brewing washes and pressure tests all kegs prior to filling. Washing your keg and beer lines at home is good practice though. We stock keg cleaner.


Home Brew
Does Goanna Brewing distill spirits?

We do stock Home Brew & Home Distillery items like essence flavour etc

Can I buy brewing ingredients individually?

Yes, Any ingredients used by Goanna Brewing to brew our beers is for purchase by home brewers.  Scales are available to weigh out ingredients.

Can I buy homebrew starter kits?

Yes, we have 30 & 60 litre carboys, hydrometers in store or order online.

Can I buy homebrew cans?

Goanna Brewing prepare fresh dry packs of all our menu brews.  Order online or give us a call 24 hours prior to pick-up.