Meet the Brew Crew….



Helena does all those things that keep brewery operations flowing smoothly, although she likes to hide herself out the back keeping up the flow of beer to our thirsty members. She also acts as our purchasing officer making sure we have enough ingredients to make plenty of fresh brews.



Tammie works across all activities at Goanna Brewing;  brewing, filtering, sales, customer service, bookkeeping. She has recently taken on the role of Business Development Manager concentrating on our wholesale activities.



Linda & Andy together own Goanna Brewing.  Linda is the  Operations Manager for the brewery. She knows all!!!   Any questions about brewing or how things work in the brewery ask Linda. If she doesn’t have the answer she will find out for you.


Say hi to Sharee as she slaves over hot kettles supervising member brews, or out the back making sure your brews have great bubble!


On Fridays and Saturdays Ash catches up with our Goanna Beer Hunter Club members, telling their favourite brew stories through our social media channels, so don’t be surprised when she asks you to smile for the camera


Andy, Cameron & Sam

Andy our behind the scenes guy.  Got a technical question about the brewery boilers, kettles, pipework, gas and all that bloke stuff – Ask Andy. Of course he’s also the guy that fixes that stuff too.

Cameron – You’ll often see Cameron taking payments and signing up new members on Saturday mornings and after school, although we suspect there are more computer games being played than serving customers!

Sam – Need help?  Ask Sam.  Want something fixed?  Ask Sam,just don’t challenge him to a game of handball in the carpark. You’ll lose!