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Australia Day


I love Australia Day. It’s the promise of more long weekends to come rather than the end of the festive season. No matter how you spend them, long weekends are iconically Australian , time with family, friends and food, or just enough time to do ‘stuff’. For me it’s read a book, flick through a food magazine, do some cooking, and  muck around outside with the kids and animals. 

We try to plan time away on long weekends, like the rest of the Australian population. The chance to relax with family before the rush of school lunches starts again. Although by the time we spend half the week packing to go away, making sure we have everything including the kitchen sink, then unpacking, cleaning and putting it all away  when we get back, it never seems like much of a holiday, although we always say we should go away for the weekend more often. Go figure!?

The few days before a long weekend are usually pretty busy at the brewery.  Customers that have it all organised days before and those that rush in at the last minute to bottle up a quick carton.  We tend to be the second type, just as we are locking the door we look at each other and say, are we taking beer with us? We’ve discovered that the quickest and easiest way to fill the esky with beer is 1.25ltr plastic bottles. I know, you’re gonna say you can’t drink beer from plastic and I agree. We take beer glasses. No rubbish, no breakages,easy to fill and refill and they fit nicely into the fridge and esky.  A 1.25 ltr bottle is equivalent to 3 or 4 stubbies so there is no need to reseal it for long, particularly when we both drink the same beer. We typically take a carton of Pacific Ale #210 but have been drinking the new Session IPA #146 lately. 

Anyway, what ever you decide to drink this Australia Day Weekend, enjoy yourself and  don’t get sunburned!