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10 Reasons

10 Reasons

To Drink Goanna Brewing Beer



  1. SAVE MONEY who doesn’t need some extra cash in the hip pocket
  2. NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES or CHEMICALS, so it’s better for you (your wife will like that one too! Tell her we do low carb and gluten free beers that taste like real beer)
  3. TASTES GREAT, because there are no preservatives and it’s what the craft brewers call Bright Beer. (You’ll have to drop in and taste the beer a few times to verify this)
  4. FEWER HANGOVERS* with Goanna Brewing beer, because our beer is preservative free and unpasteurised (*not verified scientifically)
  5. Goanna Brewing lets you BOTTLE YOUR OWN BEER at the brewery, straight from the tap. (although staff frown on it when you drink from the tap)
  6. You can BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLES to take your beer home in. (Reuse, Recycle, drink beer, save the planet and SAVE money)
  7. You can choose from over 150 BEERS, ciders and ginger beer on the menu, with something different on the shareboard every week. (You can even make requests from the menu, cause you’re a member)
  8. Goanna Brewing beer needs to be refrigerated so there is ALWAYS COLD BEER in the fridge (unless you drank it all on the weekend)
  9. You can even BREW YOUR OWN or JOIN THE CLUB (what man doesn’t like the idea of brewing beer that is guaranteed NOT to taste like homebrew)
  10. Goanna Brewing is LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED. (Yes, Mackay has a microbrewery)






10 Reasons why your wife will love it


  2. NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES or CHEMICALS – Looking after yourself and your body
  3. TASTES GREAT, and there’s Ciders for her also
  4. LOW CARB – Option to watch your physique
  5. GLUTEN FREE – For Health add ons
  6. FEWER HANGOVERS* to get more jobs done around the house
  7. BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLES – Good for the environment and SAVE more money
  8. SUPPORTING LOCAL – Not the multinationals
  9. JOIN THE CLUB – She’s prob always telling you to join a CLUB!!
  10. IT’S RUN BY WOMEN – Enough said